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Online Safety Guidance

What is appropriate for a Lower School Child?

Every year, our teachers are shocked by what we learn about pupils’ TV, gaming and device habits and just how few children have restrictions on their devices. 

Please make sure you use parental controls and review device settings regularly

  • Ensure children can’t download ANY games or apps themselves and prevent in-app purchases
  • Disable or restrict web browsers (block social media pages)
  • Remove or disable inappropriate apps (including Facebook, YouTube and other social media apps)
  • Set strict privacy settings with location disabled
  • Be strict with age-ratings on apps and games
  • Set time limits on device use (you can do this on the device settings)
  • Keep devices out of bedrooms (especially overnight)
  • Children should ask before they use a device and explain what they want to use it for
  • Children should only use a device with an adult in the room

Have regular conversations about what to do if something happens that makes your child feel uncomfortable, worried or upset whilst using a device

Screen Time – A Healthy Balance

These guidelines below are not just for keeping your child safe from online harm but also to help them keep a healthy balance between their digital and real-world life.  Keeping a healthy balance is a key strand in our on-line safety curriculum.

  • A healthy balance affords children time to:
  • develop appropriate relationships family and friends
  • read books
  • get regular exercise and enjoy time outdoors
  • develop the fine motor skills needed to write and draw
  • develop their imagination and play creatively
  • learn how to cope with boredom

Useful resources

Parental Controls

Parental controls allow you to:

  • restrict device time (on some devices this can be a daily limit or times when the device cannot be used)
  • prevent new apps/games being downloaded
  • prevent purchases
  • hide or remove specific apps (e.g., a web browser)
  • specify age-ratings for apps and games
  • prevent contact and friend requests from strangers (games consoles)
  • lock the device into a specific app only (and prevent others from being opened)

Click here for instructions on how to set up parental controls on different devices

Additional Support & Guidance

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