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Remote Learning

As a school, we are offering pre-recorded rather than live lessons. Government guidance states that either pre-recorded or live lessons can be used to deliver remote learning and that these can be teacher-produced or draw on resources from other quality providers.

We have chosen pre-recorded lessons for the following main reasons:

1) The videos are available for your child to watch at home at a day and time that suits your family’s needs, thus allowing for more flexibility especially if you are sharing devices between family members

2) The videos can be paused, rewound and re-watched where needed so that instructions can be more fully understood and learning embedded

3) Internet connection and bandwidth streaming can prove to be a problem in many homes when several people in the family are joining live lessons/virtual meetings for work

4) By pre-recording lessons, teachers are able to focus fully on the content of the lesson and the quality of their explanations

We understand that it may seem that live lessons are superior to pre-recorded lessons as it would appear that they most closely replicate what happens in the classroom. You may feel that your child would engage better. However, an adult at home would still need to supervise their child’s learning during a live lesson in just the same way as they would a pre-recorded lesson and a live lesson will never be able to fully replicate a classroom lesson, especially for younger children like ours.

Teachers are available to give daily feedback on your child’s work that you submit via Google Classroom and we are also available on our class email address. In the event of staff illness, your teacher may be unable to reply daily and an alternative may need to be provided. See the attached Parent and Pupil Code of Conduct which has a reminder of all the avenues of communication open to you. Please use them - we are here to help - but be aware that responses may not be immediate as teachers are often working in class to teach the children of critical workers.

We value live interaction between teachers and pupils and will be introducing Google Meet Circle Times. We intend to use these sessions to keep children motivated, to keep in touch and to strengthen our bonds as a class. 

Please read the Parent Pupil Code of Conduct and Remote Education Policy documents (below) carefully for full information on Remote Education at Maulden Lower School.

Click here to download the MLS Remote Education Policy

Click here to download the MLS Parent Pupil Code of Conduct





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