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New Starter Information for Pre-School & Reception

Pre- School - Robin Class

Robin Class caters for children aged from two to four years. 

We take on new Robins in:     

  • September (apply by 30th June)
  • January (apply by 30th November)
  • April (after Easter half term) (apply by end of February)

If you would like to apply for a place please download the new starter form below. 

If you would like to arrange a visit to look around the provision, please email Claire Lynch at Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, you will only be able to see through the window of Robin Class at present.


Please have a look at Robins Class page to find out more about our staff and classroom.

Our Sessions

Please note due to the current COVID-19 situation we are only offering morning only and all day sessions.  From September 2021 we hope to be able to offer morning and afternoon only and all day sessions.  Session prices are due to increase from September 2021.  Timings of sessions for September will be confirmed in due course.  

Session Cost
Morning  09.20 - 12.20 (no lunch) £12.50
All-day     09.20-12.20




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When your child starts Robin Class they will first be allocated a date for a settling in session. This is a shorter session lasting 2 hours and it gives your child the opportunity to get to know the Early Years staff and to meet their peers.  Every child is an individual and children may settle in straight away or may need a few more sessions to settle into the Robins routine. Early Years staff will work with you and your child to ensure their start is a happy and calm experience. 

You will be contacted 1-2 weeks after the application date closes and will be informed of sessions available.  Once confirmed you will be emailed details of settling in session and start dates.

The start date is the date when payment/funding will start.  Invoices are issued half termly.  Funding for two-year-olds and thirty-hour funding is subject to eligibility.  If you would like further information regarding your invoice or funding enquiries please email or speak to Jackie Houghton in the school office on 01525 402246.

In Robin Class, children can choose to have school dinner or home-packed lunch.

School dinners cost £2.05 and are payable in advance or on the day

School dinners need to be ordered a week in advance

At present, the school dinner menu is emailed to parents weekly. 

Please complete the form by Wednesday each week to order school dinners for the following week.

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Reception - Wren Class      


Children start Wren Class from the September following their fourth birthday.

Starting school is an exciting time for young children and their parents. It can be an anxious time too, but with a little preparation and encouragement, most children will settle in easily at school.

You will need to apply for a school place through Central Bedfordshire Council school applications 


Please have a look at Wrens Class page to find out more about our staff and classroom.


If successful you will be contacted in the Summer Term prior to your child starting school and you will be invited to an Early Years Information Evening for parents and a Transition Morning for your child to attend Wren Class.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, these events may need to be held virtually and/or information will be emailed/put on the school website. 

In the Summer Term, you will be given information regarding dates for Home Visits and the dates your child will attend school before starting full time. Transition into school is a gradual process and this offers your child a positive and calm start to life at Maulden Lower School.  During the first 1-2 weeks of school, your child will attend on a part-time basis to settle in.  Please note home visits may need to take place virtually depending on the situation at the time.

Children can choose to have school dinner or home-packed lunch

In Wren Class, school dinners are funded by the Government and so there is no charge.

School dinners need to be ordered a week in advance

At present, the school dinner menu is emailed to parents weekly. 

Please complete the form by Wednesday each week to order school dinners for the following week.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon..

Routine In Pre-School & Reception  (Early Years)

Children LOVE routine.  In the Early Years, we follow a routine every day. 



  • First, we talk about the date and report on the weather
  • Next, we learn our letter sounds and do reading and writing activities. 
  • After that, we practise our numbers and do number and shape activities.  We also explore measuring length, weight and capacity.  



  • After our busy morning, we eat a healthy lunch and we go outside and run around. 
  • When we come in from lunch, we practise MINDFULNESS.  We lie down and listen to relaxing music and we focus on our breathing, taking big slow breaths in and out.  This helps our little minds to feel calm and peaceful every day.



  • In the afternoon we find out about the World and we enjoy exploring and being creative.  We LOVE to talk about what we are doing and we LOVE to share all the things we have found out and all the creations we have made with a grown-up. 
  • At the end of the day, we feel happy and tired and enjoy listening to a story.
  • We LOVE being active and if you go on YouTube Kids we enjoy The Learning Station active songs.

Early Years News

Early Years

  • Please check your WEDUC newsfeed for weekly updates on what we have been learning, including photos of the children. Log into your Google Classroom account for information about the early years and your new classroom.
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