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Maulden Lower

Our History


Maulden  School was opened in June 1880, although schools had been present in Maulden since at least 1622.

The school was initially used for the junior pupils with the infants attending the adjacent old school (behind our foundation class) until the two merged in 1930.

The 1880 education act made it compulsory for children to attend school from 5-10years of age with an option to leave providing the 'Standard IV Examination' had been passed, otherwise, schooling continued to 14 years of age.

Mr William Oclee was the first headteacher, he moved across from the infant school.


Headteachers of Maulden School:

William Oclee 

Fletcher Woodhead      

Joseph Eatell              

Arthur Moore            

Harry Newis              

Ernest Park                

Arnold Davenhall        

Kenneth Briggs          

Mike Jarvis                

Veronica Gerig          

Val Wang                  

Craig Wilson              

Kathy Dwyer  

1880 to 1898

1899 to 1903     

1903 to 1919

1919 to 1937

1937 to 1941  

1941 to 1954

1954 to 1967   

1967 to 1984

1984 to 2006

2006 to 2010

2010 to 2016

2016 to 2016

2017 to present




The school badge

This was introduced in 1969, is intended to reflect the position of the School in the community



The design includes:

  • a chevron to represent a hill and a cross to represent a church (in Saxon times Maulden meant Church on a hill)
  • a crescent moon, traditionally the device of the second son, shows that the present school is the second one on the site
  • a beehive which symbolises industry and community service.

The motto, freely translated means, ‘Towards a better life.’

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